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Budapest Film Festival is a monthly film festival which was created by working professionals as a response for missing opportunities for indie films and their promotion.  Each month we selecting nominees and winners. At the end of the year we pick the best films out of all winners which will have a chance to be presented in the heart of Budapest. The added value of the festival is also in the introduction of international films to domestic audience.  We create opportunities which are creating possibilities! We are accepting all films without any prejudices regardless format, country of origin or social theme. We pay attention to details and we care about your message..

Hungary has had a notable cinema industry since the beginning of the 20th century ,including Hungarians who affected the world of motion picture both within and beyond the country's borders. The former could be characterized by directors István SzabóBéla Tarr, or Miklós Jancsó; the latter by William Fox and Adolph Zukor, the founders of Fox Studios and Paramount Pictures respectively, or Alexander Korda, who played a leading role in the early period of British cinema. Examples of successful Hungarian films include Merry-go-roundMephistoWerckmeister Harmonies and Kontroll.

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