Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Short Film

Back seat (Directed by Balázs Győri-Dani)

Beneath The Surface (Directed by Chantal Van Zyl)

Pandemic (Directed by Tom Madar)- WINNER

Digital Asylum (Directed by Nick Stanchev)

Gregory (Directed by Ildiko Mayr)


Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

My Fight (Directed by Bebi Zekirovski)

STOYAN (Directed by Roberto Ruiz Céspedes)- WINNER

CREATING THE MAIN CHARACTER (Directed by Jake Alda Coffey)

Sugar Beach (Directed by Noely Mendoza)

THE DOCTOR Franjo Grotenhermen (Directed by Edu Hernandez)

Best Short Documentary

lava flow (Directed by Manfred Neuwirth)

Kara - Star Of The World (Directed by Daniel Mark Bedell)

Let's Blow This Up (Directed by Robert Waldeck)

Small Town Spirit: Monessen, Pennsylvania (Directed by John Paget)

Incorrigible - A film about Velma Demerson

(Directed by Karin Louise Lee)- WINNER

Best Music Video

Chains Worldwide (Love Ghost)

One by One (Directed by Heather McKay)

Pra Melhorar (Directed by Mariana Jorge)

The Magma Chamber (Directed by Laura Sheeran)- WINNER

Mozah - Berlin To Beijing (Directed by Peter Heinrichs)

Best Experimental Film

Blue Delusion (Directed by Fang guan,jiayue yu)- WINNER

ArtMinute1 – The perfect selfie (Directed by Asta Wellejus, Teddy Kristiansen) SNAKE (Directed by Miroslav Kiss, James Longman)

NECROSIS (Directed by Alberto Martín-Aragón)

Among the People (Directed by Jody Cleaver)

Best Animation

Run Echo Run (Directed Brittany Biggs)

An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It

(Directed by Lachlan Pendragon)

Spoon (Directed by arthur chays)- WINNER

Wild Camp (Directed by Lucie Pradeau)

Saturation (Directed by Lucija Bužančić)

Best Cinematography

PIT (Directed by Mike Linde)

PRISON CITY (Directed by Jianwu Zeng)

Resina - A Crooked God (Directed by Tamas Levardi)- WINNER

Free, Jazz (Directed by Joshua Haiden)

Best Drama

Six Years Gone (Directed by Warren Dudley)- WINNER

Hamleyed (Directed by Pedro Blanco-Uribe)

Marie-Luise (Directed by Hervine De Boodt)

Best Comedy

Talis (Directed by Ramon L. Mayol

the nurse's whistle (Directed by Jacques MICKE)

THRONE ALONE (Directed by Jason Gregg)- WINNER

Best Horror

The Domestic_FEATURE FILM [South Africa] (Directed by Brad Katzen)- WINNER

Twilight of Dreams: Ep.01 "Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter"

(Directed by Gustavo Aviles)

Best Thriller


High Road (Directed by Gergely Jakab)- WINNER

Best First Time Filmmaker

Vessels (Directed by Daniel Hayter)

Where Do You Go? (Directed by Luke Borsten)

Hiccups (Directed by Ma-Alexandra Ang)

8 years (Directed by Jose David Alcázar)- WINNER

Spring Tree (Directed by Shichao Tang

Best Director

THE DEAD LIVE ON (Directed by jeremie sery)- WINNER

Three Wishes (Directed by Yu Weng)

Shelter (Directed by Ron Chapman)

A CORN INSIDE ME (Directed by 米多 骆)

Best Actor

Will You Find Me? (Directed by William Atkinson, Actor: Finn McBurney)

SONNO (Directed by Alessandro Scarpinato, Actor: Alessandro Fricano)- WINNER
NACHIKETA (Acted & Directed by Bobby Vats)

Best Editing

Move Fast (Directed by Lucinda McLaren)- WINNER

The Road Less Cycled (Directed by Nathan Rice, Edited by Edgar Sibaya)

Best Composer

The Victor's Crown (Composed by Alexander Zachariou)

The Clay and The Girl

(Directed by George Louridas, composer: Christos Danakas)- WINNER

Best Sound Design

Boneyard Alaska (Sound Designed by Paul Andrew Lawrence,

Directed by Paul Andrew Lawrence)

TROUBADOURS CELESTES (Directed by Hervine De Boodt)- WINNER

Best Original Story

FURY ( Directed by Petar Ristovski)- WINNER

Dear Eszter ( Script written by Alex Balassa, Marisol Mijares, Alejandro Orozco,

Mario Pacheco Szekely )

Best Actress

The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland

(Actress: Alison Stover, Directed by Joe Benedetto, Alison Stover)- WINNER

Lucidity (Directed by Michael Loccisano Jr., Actress: Yanzi Ding )

Best Production design

The Eve - Short film 2015

(Production Designer: Valentina Sarti Magi, Directed by Luca Machnich)

The Lucky One (Directed by Yichi Zhang, production designer: Beibei Hu)- WINNER

Honorable Mention

  • Manam (Directed by Pravahan S)

  • GREY -The Spy Who Loved Me (Directed by Raj Madiraju)

  • In the Trail of Free Dreams (Directed by Istvan Golob)

  • Tierra del Fuego (Directed by Oleksandr Lozytskyi)

  • Polski Piach "Kochankowie" / "Lovers" (Directed by Mikolaj Sikorski)