Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Short Film

A wonderful day (Directed by Nicolò Vilardi)- WINNER


Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

Il diritto alla felicità (Directed by Claudio Rossi Massimi) - WINNER

Best Short Documentary

Train to Budapest (Directed by Noemi La Barbera)- WINNER


Best Music Video

Kozicky - Trabant (Directed by Martin Kolembar)- WINNER


Best Experimental Film

Earthly Delights(Directed by 黄天一David Huang)- WINNER



Best Animation

Chick Wash (Directed by Bethany de Forest)- WINNER


Best Cinematography

Khorfakkan (Directed by Maurice Sweeney, Ben Mole)- WINNER


Best Drama

A Haircut for the Hina Doll (Directed by Minoru MIZOGUCHI)- WINNER


Best Comedy

Poor Paul(Directed by Sean Michael Beyer)- WINNER


Best Thriller

The Anarchist's Dream (Directed by Yolanda Torres)- WINNER

Best First Time Filmmaker

One More Time (Directed by Yinuo Cao)- WINNER


Best Director

Aadhaar (Directed by Ramnath Palanikumar)- WINNER

Best Actor

Völkerball 42 (Directed by Samuel Heigl, Actor: Lars Krone)- WINNER


Best Sci-Fi

Gunima Reloaded (Directed by Ömer Pekyürek)- WINNER



Best Composer

A Maiden Made Not of Clay (Directed by Shumile, Kohei Takeda)- WINNER


Best Sound Design

Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood (Directed by Andrew Bateman)- WINNER


Best Actress

Mi Casa su Blanca (Actress: Ulrica de la Mar, Directed by Andrew Vandaele)- WINNER


Best Production design

Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood (Directed by Andrew Bateman)- WINNER