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Congratulation to all winners!

Best Short Film

Foretoken - Omen Of The Outsiders (Directed by Tamas Levard)

Best Hungarian Film

Edith (Directed by Kiliána Kilián)

Best Feature (Documentary)

The Mountain Wagtail  (Directed by Begaly Nargozuev)

Best Feature (Live Action)

MEGDAN: "BETWEEN WATER AND FIRE" (Directed by Bohós Topakbashian)

Best Short Documentary

EVERYTHING HAS ITS PRICE (Directed by Zeynep Gulru Kececiler)


Best Music Video

Lunikk - Daggers (Directed by Todd Iliev)


Best Experimental Film

Mementos (Directed by Thomas Adamicka)

Best Drama

Bird of Paradise (Directed by Andris Braeuer)


Best Director

Jes Pace ( In film The Pain of Being)

Best Original Screenplay

Imhotep's Secret (Directed by Jorge A Troncone Osorio)

Best Comedy

MIRAGE (Directed by Jeanne Dressen)

Best Animation

Seaper Powers Mystery of the Blue Pearls Film (Directed by Kim Cameron)

Best Editing

Hello_world (Directed by Damou Guo)

Best Sound Design

"Polly" (Directed by Damyan Petkov Nikolov)

Best Horror

The Activated Man (Directed by Nicholas Gyeney)

Best First Time Filmmaker

That Girl from Ukraine (Directed by Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti)

Best Action

IBI (Evil) (Directed by Akin Adewole)

Best Thriller

The white horse (Directed by Goran Mihailov)

Best Sci-Fi

The Common Good (Directed by Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann)

Best Production Design

Per Aspera… (Directed by Yue Zhu)

Best VFX

MANSPLAINING (Directed by Manolo Castro)

Best Original Story

The Fourth Dimension (Directed by Lőrinc Pusztai)

Best Composer

Awakenings of Rock (Directed by Abhinav Chhabra)

Best Actress


Best Actor

Cameron Ashplant (In film Bet Your Bottom Dollar)

Best Cinematography

Tamas Levardi

Best Traveling Documentary

Road to the North (Directed by Vance Choong)

Honorable mention

"Polly" (Directed by Damyan Petkov Nikolov)
One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction (
Directed by Tim Searfoss)
Zeynep Gulru Kececiler 
Directed by Eugenia Llaguno)
Pier (
Directed by Carol Marques da Costa, Luiza Marques da Costa)
Mouth Drought (
Directed by Olivér Ganzer)
The next 24 hours begin (
Directed by Kitti Fődi)
Saint Margaret of the Árpád House (
Directed by Sándor Békési)
Velvet Boy off the Grid (
Directed by Biró Ferenc)
Lightup (
Directed by Elissa Brito)
If you were a blue balloon (
Directed by Králl Kevin)
Čhankú Lúta - Red Road (
Directed by Krisztina Zupkó, Máté Biri)
Death at the Psychologist's (
Directed by Ádám Mikó)
Inside (
Directed by Othniel Horvath)
Hola, Santiago (
Directed by Armando Ibañez)
Wounded Love (
Directed by Ali Hajighasem)
She Bought a Kettle (
Directed by Nariman Turebayev)
Little Hurts (
Directed by Debra Solomon)

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