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Congratulation to all winners!

Best Short Film

Before the Underground Vol.1-Rit (Directed by Nikki Smallwood)-Winner
The Puzzle (Directed by Gabor Tozser, David Chen)
Children's time (Directed by Eve-Chems de Brouwer)

Best Hungarian Film

In The Upper Room (Directed by Alexander Gratzer)
Dezső Kosztolányi: the telephone (Directed b
y Kata Galkó)
Flamework (Directed by Krasznay Zoltán)-
tous les hommes sont mortels (Directed by Kaló-B. Péter)

Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

What I learned from cycling 6 times around the world.
The Wind breathes where He wills (Directed by Olga Antimony)
The Spiritual Needs (Directed by Miguel Méndez Díaz)

Best Short Documentary

Fugetsu-Do (Directed by Kaia Rose)-Winner
Flamework (Directed by Krasznay Zoltán)
Jade Rain (Directed by Volkan Durmuş)


Best Music Video

"Baby Boomers Can Dance" Proof of Concept (Directed by Pam Price)-Winner
Pitiful Pierogi (Directed by Zupe)


Best Experimental Film

Paint On Paint # 1- (Directed by Vasco Diogo)
EmergencE (Directed by Marco De Ornellas)
WOMAN (Directed by Lillian Carte)

Best Drama

The Final Barrier (Directed by Jasmin Durakovic)-Winner 
NAM (Directed by Niccolò Corti) 
Master (Directed by Margarita Titova)


Best Director

Giving Back: Students Who Returned As Teachers (Directed by Amel Tresnjic)-Winner
RAGE (Directed by Abdulrahman Al Jandal) 

Best Original Screenplay

DISTILLERY (Written Michael Aliotti)
Bill and Eddie (Written Robert Harders)
IN BAD COMPANY ( Written Ke De Sol)

Best Comedy

The Herb Train (Directed by William Lemons)-Winner
Coroninja Episode 1 (Directed by Kazuma Motomura)

Best Animation

THANATOS (Directed by Atsuhiko Watanabe)
NIGHT TRAIN (Directed by Sofia Gutman)
I LOST THE WAY (Directed by Panagiotis Rappas)

Best Editing

Are You Chasing A Feeling ? (Edited by Theo Kapetanakis)-Winner
A Picture of Friendship During the Dark Ages (Edited by Guangping 'Ben' Niu)

Best Sound Design
Maurice El Medioni: the Birth of PianOriental (Directed by CLIVE MYER)

Giving Back: Students Who Returned As Teachers ( Directed by Amel Tresnjic)-Winner

Best Horror

THE UNQUIET DEAD (Directed by John Gray)-Winner
The Domestic_FEATURE FILM [South Africa] (Directed by Brad Katzen) 

Honorable mention

B O S S (Directed by Kaló-B. Péter, Galkó Kata)
Franz Kafka: A Hunger Artist (Directed by Kaló-B. Péter)
Prison story (Directed by Vincent Elbaz)
On Two Wheels in Saxon Transylvania (Directed by Zoltan Ferko)
What I learned from cycling 6 times around the world. (Directed by Kenji Ogusu)
Blood runes (Written by Jonny Bjørkhaug)
5th Cinematic Nail Factory (Directed by Dalibor Martinis)
Alexander Mosolov. Three Pieces (Directed Natalia Ryss)
Lost Tapes (Directed by Malado Francine Baldwi)

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