Congratulations to all the nominees

and winners!

Best Short Film

Sometime Else (Directed by James Cleave) - WINNER

The Blessing (Directed by Per Gunnar Økland)

'FIRAR' ("The promise") (Directed by João Tomás, João Mestre)

The Runner (Directed by Mikyoung Soon)

GUILT (Directed by Kushagra Anuj Sharma)

Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

Class S (Directed by Darryl Duah-Boateng)

DELIVERING HOPE (Directed by Jordan Orsak)

THE KENNEDY INCIDENT (Directed by Mart Sander) - WINNER

TOUROUNI les tresses (Directed by NIMI SOUNGALO)

Bite of a Mango (Directed by Ron Dias)

Best Short Documentary

The Last Eyewitnesses (Directed by Maik Gieszler)

The Child Murderess of Vesene (Directed by Carl Eneroth) - WINNER

The Metta Story (Directed by chow wah chan)

Marika… why be afraid (Directed by Matthaios Frantzeskakis)

Best Music Video

Le Tempestaire (Directed by Joseph Campbell)

Flamboyant (Directed by Aviv Kegen)

Spitting Ibex - Dingo Jackson (Directed by Florian Kittner) - WINNER

Best Experimental Film

PARALYSIS (Directed by Alberto Martín-Aragón)

قردون | QARDOUN [La Passation] (Directed by Sarah El Hamed) - WINNER

Пандемия: Дом Костей - Pandemic (House of Bones) (Directed by Logan Fry)

Magic Carpet Ride (Directed by Chris Ver Wiel)

BELINDA (Directed by Aykan Yucel Irwins)

Best Animation

Everybody´s Gone to Mars (Directed Telmo Carvalho)

Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdeva (Directed by Dalim Pathak)

The Case (Directed by Maurizio Forestieri) - WINNER

Tramples: The Murder Horse (Directed by Rhys Reed-Johnson)

Best Cinematography

Wind Spirits (Directed by Shelby F. Elwood)

For you, to mentor me (Directed by MERLI V. GUERRA)

Khukuri - tradition forged in steel (Directed by Andrzej Wisniewski) - WINNER

Best Drama

MAGDA (Directed by Denys Soboliev)) - WINNER

Lila (Directed by Kacper Świtalski)

Death in the Time of Quarantine (Directed by Logan Fry)

Away from the shore (Directed by Kostadin Bonev)

Best Comedy


LIVING THE DREAM (Directed by Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva) - WINNER

Best Horror

The Search (Directed by David Vergne) - WINNER

Footsteps (Directed by Paul Darroch)


Best Thriller

Unforgettable (Directed by Christian Tejada Vanstaaden)

Reverso (Directed by Victor Santos) - WINNER

Best Action

DARKING WAY (Directed by Zsolt Pozsgai)

FIRAR' (Directed by João Mestre, João Tomás) - WINNER

Best Sci-Fi

OUT OF THE BOX (Directed by Shanu Devarajan)

Wonderland Recoil (Directed by Shaun Rana) - WINNER

The Offer (Directed by Nick Lazar, Katina Thomas)

Best First Time Filmmaker

A VOYAGE AGAINST TIME (Directed by Steve Mackay, Jonathan Ali Khan)

it's not me, it's you (Directed by Natalie Acevedo) - WINNER

The Unveiled Truth (Directed by Eve Jablonkay, Alexandra Newe)

VERONA (Directed by Ane Siderman)

Best Director

Mammas (Directed by Carine Hazan)

Away from the shore (Directed by Kostadin Bonev)

CROWD (Directed by Recep Akar) - WINNER

Best Editing

Whistle Blowers (Directed by Antoine Collin) - WINNER

Cordially (Directed and Edited by Frederic Bayer Azem)

Best Composer

DARKING WAY (Directed by Zsolt Pozsgai)


(Directed by Aron Quadu, composer: Martin Lemoine)

Best foreigners forever (Directed by Daniela Cruz, music: Alan Balandra)

Best Sound Design

Charging the Canopy - WINNER

(Sound Designed by Adrien Gaillard , Directed by Olivia Csiky Trnka, Noé Cauderay)

Whistle Blowers (Directed by Antoine Collin)

Best Original Story

Nobody is perfect (Directed by andrea Careri)

Queen Laura (Directed by Matthew Agustin)

Bloody Petrol (Directed by Reza Azadi) - WINNER

Best Actor

Reverso (Directed by Victor Santos, Actor: José Eduardo Silva) - WINNER

Assassinators: Into The Night

(Directed by Amrik Singh Pabla, Javier Schialer, Actor: Javier Schialer)

IT IS WHAT IT IS (Directed by Enrico De Divitiis, Actor: Luca Cerbone)

Best Actress

O. Unilateralis (Directed by Michelle Nessk, Actress: Michelle Nessk)

Free, Dead or Alive (Actress: Patricia Velasque, Directed by Erik Bernard) - WINNER

Honorable Mention

  • I Swear (Directed by Pratiksha Govind Zunke)

  • "xo stella" - a love story set to flames (Directed by D.J. Holman)

  • AUTISM ACROSS THE GLOBE (Directed by Rima Joseph Irani)

  • My story (Directed by Levente Török)

  • Hurdle (Directed by Olga Beregova)