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Congratulation to all WINNERS!

Best Short Film

Mandy (Directed by Peter Takla)
A Reasonable
Doubt (Directed by Rémi Delissen)
Broken record (Marie SEURIN, Mathilde CADROT)
The Doctor Cares (Directed by Dave Beaumler)

Best Hungarian Film

For my role models (Directed by Fördős Bence)-Winner
Talent - Wounded (Directed by Ádám Vidovics)
When it comes from the Earth ( Directed by Katalin Egely)

Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

Izidor Popijač Žiga of Bednja (Directed by Sergije Michieli)
Holy Highway (Directed by Andrée julikà tavares, Gianluca Monnier)
SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture-

(Directed by Richard Wicksteed)-Winner 

Best Editing

A Reasonable Doubt (Directed by Rémi Delissen)-Winner
Last Days (Directed by Diana Frei) 
Memories...Wings...a City...(Directed by Prabuddha Bhattacharya) 

Best Short Documentary

One ocean (Directed by Anne de Carbuccia)
As Organism ( Directed by Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor)
Pasola - battle on holy ground (Directed by Joo Peter)


Best Music Video

Songbird (Directed by Ellie Moonan)
PARALLEL UNIVERSE (Directed by Alex Cluge) 


Best Experimental Film

Skin/Out (Directeed by Enzo Coluccio)
Flights (Directed by Anne Gart)
Precious Balance Walk (Directed by Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen) 


Best Cinematography

Izidor Popijač Žiga of Bednja (Directed by Sergije Michieli)
Like a smell of smoke (Directed by Rémi Delissen) 
A Reasonable Doubt (Directed by Rémi Delissen)

Best Drama

Dear Mama (Directed by GERALDO B. JUMAWAN /JEAN M. VILLAME)-Winner
The Rest of the Da Vinci code (Directedf by Melvin Leroy Abercrombie)


Best Thriller 

The child is hiding in the woods (Directed by Francesco Maffei)
Hunt In Lovely Afternoon (Directed by Jackie Chang)
Banalities (Directed by Rafael de Andrade) 

Best First Time Filmmaker

Our Country's Beauty (Directed by Leandra Marie Hoffmann)
Das Altenteil Directed by Aart Steinmann)
MISPLACED (Directed by James Demitri)
The Perfect Lie (Directed by Daiyong Yu)


Best Director

Steppe man (Directed by Vidadi Hasanov) -Winner
Portrait (Directed by Peter Takla)
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (Directed by James Wilsher)

Best Actor

Jek Jumawan – (In Film Nothing Beats Oldies 
Victor Verhaeghe – (In Film The Doctor Cares)

Best Actress

Noella Jung  - (In Film A RHETORICAL QUESTION) -Winner
Tatsuya Abe  - (In Film Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture)

Best Original Screenplay

Steppe man (Written by Shamil Aliyev)
PASTENSE (Written by Dale Norman Green & Shervin Youssefian)
Templin Highway (Written by William Prosser)

Honorable mention

The Beginning (Directed by Jonathan Adams)
A Little Prank (Directed by Jordi Funtanet)
Cherzoso The Silent Film (Directed by Tracy Ann Chapel)
Prayer Seoul Version (Directed by Young Man Kang)
THE BURNING RED (Directed by Fabrizio Ancillai)
What I want to say, Burn! (Directed by Luís Damas)
L'impronta del postino (Directed by Cristiano Esposito)
Step by Step (Directed by Peter Scheiner)
Sourpuss (Directed by Conrad Stojak)
The Great Work in 33 Steps (Directed by Robert L. Pepper)


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