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- Festival dates & times may be subject to delay or change.

- We reserve the right to change any of this rules.

-  Budapest Film Festival is not liable for any copyright infringements or unauthorised usage and any conflict should be settled by the parties involved thereof.

- By submitting  your film you giving us permission to share your contact details with our technicians , staff and other festival partners.

- Budapest Film Festival reserves the right to not to give an award in specific category.

- All the fees are non-refundable.



- All submissions have to be in English language or with English subtitles.

- A submitted film may be resubmitted multiple times within the same year.

 - Adult guardians or parents may submit on behalf of minors.

- By submitting your film to our festival you automatically declare that you own all the rights to the film (images, sound, music and poster). Copyright owner must be at least 18 years old.
- Each film submitted to our festival must be in English language or include English subtitles.

- By submitting your film you giving our team permission to use any promotional materials (poster, press release, trailer, etc...) for our marketing needs

- There is no premiere requirement.

- All accepted and non-accepted submissions will be notified to submitters via email.

 We do not accept partial screeners, trailers, or screener links that require access other than password protected links.

- Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted. 
- No postal submissions are accepted. 


- Each month our pre-selection jury will select nominees. across a  After private screening our main jury will select the winners. Few weeks ahed of our annual event best films will be chosen out of all winners across all the categories.  This films will be screened during the event.

- Jury consist  from working professionals.


-  All necessary information about annual event will be published on our website few weeks ahead of the event.

- All the winners are invited but we screening only selection of the winners which will be made by our jury and programming team. This selection will be known few weeks ahead of the event. 

- Event is free for all the visitors however every single visitor including winners and nominees must register on this link.

- Organiser (Budapest Film Festival) reserves the right to change the date due to government restrictions connected with coronavirus or cancel entire event.

- All the films will be screened in digital format. We won't be accepting DCPs.


We accept films in following categories :

Best Hungarian Film

Best Short Film

Best Short Documentary

Best Feature (Documentary or Live Action)

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Composer

Best Sound Design

Best Original Story

Best VFX

Best Production Design

Best Original Screenplay

Best Comedy

Best Experimental Film

Best Horror

Best Sci-Fi

Best Thriller

Best Drama

Best Action

Best Music Video

Best Animation Film

Best First Time Filmmaker

Written review (300 words) - Special category where we provide written feedback to filmmakers.

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